Easter OOTD


This video is so old but I thought I would share my amazing outfit also brought to you by Black Milk Clothing. you’re probably thinking I have no other tops because I seem to be wearing it everywhere but hey, my leggings are worth a bunch so my tops are cheap :) Hahahaha

Here is some Pink Kawaii Leggings that cost me $75 and this is what I wore for Easter 2013

Actually LOVE LOVE LOVE these leggings even though people call them pyjamas. THEY ARENOT PJ’S OK?!?!? THEY ARE CUTE!!!

Here are some pics:



Excuse the towel and gloves in the background. Also, sorry this video is so old and I am only uploading it now and posting about it :(


Cherry OOTD

I love eating cherries, so what better way to celebrate that fact by wearing cherries?

This outfit was brought to you by Black Milk Clothing.

Cherry Leggings cost me $75 and for some reason it is not listed on the Black Milk website whatsoever. It was a limited item but usually gets placed into the museum which it hasn’t :(

I think my top was from Supre which cost me $10

Here is my pic of me in a lift – feel free to check my pics on Instagram


Long time no see

Hey there!

Haven’t posted in over 3 months! Such a baddie. What have I been up to? I suggest you check out my other blog: livingintheasianlane.com where you will see what I have been going through.

Kinda cheating here in adding a new OOTD videos, but hey, they are all Black Milk so does that count?

Enjoy some of these cool outfits! With my shitty mirror… in most cases

Black Milk meet up – Victoria

For those of you that don’t know, I moved to Melbourne. Some major things happened in my life and it was a spur of the moment decision. I moved to a new city where I don’t really know anyone and no one really knows me – which is perfect for a new beginning!

One of the first nights in Melbourne, I decided to go to a Black Milk Clothing meet up. I knew no one and decided to take a chance and take this opportunity to meet the creator and his main PR guy. Major fan girl moment!! It was so exciting and I was pushed out of my comfort zone but it was so worth it! Here are my pics with the creator jL and handsome cam – the main PR rep:



It was amazing for a company and designer to say you look great and that he loved your outfit. It was a special feeling for him to say thank you for supporting him and thanks for making it to the meet up. I feel proud to be part of a community where girls and guys are supportive of each other. Very happy to be a customer of a man who genuinely cares about his community.

To make the night even better, everyone went into the raffle to win some upcoming products. I was lucky enough to win some cartoon owl leggings and it made me feel like Melbourne was a great choice to live in – it made it positive ^_^ Here is a pic of what I won:


I can’t wait to meet more girls and make new friends. If you’ve ever thought about buying Black Milk Clothing leggings, you should do it! The benefits you reap from fabulous nylon and making new friends makes it all worthwhile!

Thanks for stopping by!