All the Bees!!

Bees Dress

I had these jelly shoes from Rubi shoes that I had never worn but really wanted to. Yes, it’s a bit childish but it was all the rage and still is. They only cost me $10 and bring back so many childhood memories. So I had these bright red shoes and they just didn’t see to work with any of my outfits until I thought I would match it with this Bees dress from Black Milk Clothing. I thought “Yes red and brown go together” so I tested it out and loved it. So this dress is still available for AUD $85 and is a reversible dress with a racer back and scoop neck. The cardigan was $15 from Temt and red belt 3 for $5 from Cotton on Clothing.

Excuse the mess in my bedroom! I think experimenting with fashion and colours is fun!

Lush LiLi

Black Cherry Blossom Dress

Such an amazing dress to wear out on a casual day out. I did have the leggings but sold them because well, skater dresses are better.

Cherry Blossom Black Reversible Skater Dress Lush LiLi

I matched it with pink because black and pink together looks amazing. This dress is from Black Milk clothing and costs AUD $85. It’s a reversible skater dress so has a scoop neck on side and a racer back style on the other which to me is more of a halter neck style.

I bought my pink belt for $15 from Ally and pink flats for $10 (I believe) from Rubi shoes. The pink striped cardigan was from Temt and I have no idea on the price – Not more than $20.

I do like mixing patterns sometimes. It does make for an interesting outfit. Mixing patterns is a common thing these days. Fashion is what you make it :)

Lush LiLi

Blood splatter dress

I love this dress. It’s blood splatter and is totally Dexter. Sorry but this dress is no longer sold but did cost $80 from Black Milk Clothing. Perfect for Halloween or in general is ok too :)

I wore this piece to a work party and took a selfie in the bathroom and the other time was for a Taylor Swift concert for her Red tour – so it just seemed perfect for it.

Red and white go together so well!

Blood Splatter dress selfie Blood splatter dress

Lush LiLi

Pacman OOTD

Here is another Poprageous piece for any gamer geek who likes to wear their video games in a fashionable way. Excuse the slight mess in the picture :P

Pacman In Love Leggings

These leggings are still available at Poprageous for US $75. Not only does it come in leggings but swim wear, a skater dress, bodycon, skirt, crop and skater skirt. I thought it is a fun piece to have for any 80s child who may have grown up on this game.

Funnily enough my shoes in this picture are not Converse shoes and I only paid $5 for them. But if you did go for Converse, a standard plain pair are approx $90.

I am wearing a bomber jacket which also looks like a letterman jacket which cost $15 from Temt. A simple black top that you can get basically anywhere from places like Cotton On clothing, Supre, Valley Girl etc etc only costs $10.

All up this outfit cost me approx $120 which seems to be pretty standard these days. So have a lil gamer fun and grab a pair of Pacman’s if you wanna relive some 80s nostalgia.

Lush LiLi